What is the BEST bar or Bars in Bath?

What are the BEST Bars in Bath ? Visit ClubXL – Bath’s BEST Bar.

Best Bars in Bath at ClubXL the best late night drinking bar in bath.

Where is the best Late Night Bar or Bars in Bath?

Bath is full of great bars to enjoy the friendly atmosphere and nightlife of this cosmopolitan world heritage city. Visited from around the world, Bath is one of the UK’s top tourist locations and a major destination for many people wishing to enjoy the friendly atmosphere of a night out in Bath.

People usually start their night out in one of the myriad of lovely local bars, cafes and restaurants that all contribute to Bath’s reputation as a city with great nightlife and a friendly party atmosphere. For the early evening it is impossible to say which is the best bar in Bath, but when the night draws in and people start to look for a great late night bar the choice begins to narrow.

When looking for bars in Bath to party into the early hours most revellers look for a club atmosphere with dancing and great music, which really only leaves one first choice. ClubXL is by far the largest late night drinking bar and nightclub in Bath. ClubXL has four separate bars that all serve drinks at reasonable prices, the largest dance floor in Bath, a separate upstairs party area and professional DJ‘s playing the latest music to a large crowd of busy night clubbers.

So if you are looking for the best bar or bars in Bath then look no further then Club XL the number one Bath Bar and Nightclub.

Contact ClubXL the best bar in Bath on 0845 555 1111 or use our contact form.

Bath's best bar for a night out to remember.



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ClubXL closed in 2017 and no longer exists.
This website has been kept running for posterity and to allow
interested people to browse through old pictures from days gone by.
Please do not try to contact ClubXL
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The location has now been taken over by a completely
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