Bath Nightlife at Club XL

Bath Nightlife at Club XL. The best Night Out in Bath

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Bath has a vibrant nightlife scene that attracts many visitors from around the local area and the UK looking for a great night out. The World Heritage City of Bath is a beautiful destination for UK tourists from around the world wishing to explore and enjoy the many delights of this wonderfully preserved Georgian city.

But, after enjoying the shopping and sightseeing what about the night life in Bath?

As the evening draws in there are a huge array of pubs, bars and restaurants to enjoy the busy ambience of this glorious city. Bath nightlife has always been one of the city’s great attractions and people looking to enjoy the best of Bath nightlife usually end up at Club XL. As the largest night club in Bath and located in the city centre on Walcot Street, only a stone’s throw from Bath Abbey and the very busy George Street, Club XL offers the only real nightclub experience in the area. The large club venue offers reasonably priced drinks along with an array of special drink offers that make it an affordable night out, as well as the best destination for real night clubbers in the area.

With the advent of late drinking hours many bars and pubs now stay open into the early hours, but very few can offer the traditional clubbing experience that a bespoke nightclub can.

With over 25 years of operating as the number one nightclub in Bath, ClubXL offers the best Bath nightlife venue with its large dance floor and multi bar setup. Many people still want to enjoy a night out in Bath at a real nightclub with a full on light show, smoke machines, and space to really let their hair down. All too many bars claim to offer a great late night clubbing experience but most are let down by their physical dimensions and overall layout. In Bath especially, this often means small crowded subterranean sweaty vaults and bars with piped music, limited lighting and no really authentic nightclub atmosphere. Often overpriced and cramped these bars do offer a service to people looking for a more intimate drinking experience, but they are certainly not custom designed nightclub venues that offer a wide screen view of Bath’s nightlife.

Club XL prides itself on providing a large full on party nightclub venue that compliments Bath nightlife with a more traditional nightclub experience.

The club can hold up to 660 people in a custom designed night spot with a full on expensive lighting system, large bars to help get your drinks quickly and professional DJ’s playing a wide range of music on a large scale high fidelity sound system.

In recent years the students in Bath have realised the benefits of the Club XL venue and have built up a great association with the club which now stages large student night events on Monday and Friday nights. As a student night in Bath destination, Club XL is without doubt the number one student night club venue. ClubXL has also recently become the number one Hen and Stag night destination for the many Hen night and Stag parties that visit Bath every weekend.

In the simplest terms CubXL is the number one club in Bath to really enjoy the best of Bath nightlife. So give us a call to make a booking and skip the queue.




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  1. bianca says:

    One the best night outs around and definitely a great place to enjoy Bath nightlife.
    I go there for their Bath student nights. Always packed and great laugh.
    Drinks are cheap too on student nights.

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ClubXL closed in 2017 and no longer exists.
This website has been kept running for posterity and to allow
interested people to browse through old pictures from days gone by.
Please do not try to contact ClubXL
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The location has now been taken over by a completely
new company known as…

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Please visit or call them to experience the future of this great location.