Saturday Night Out in Bath at ClubXL – Bath’s Best Nightclub for the best in Bath Nightlife

Candy Saturdays at ClubXL – The Best Saturday Night Out in Bath

Saturday Night out at Bath’s Best Nightclub.

ClubXL is the Number One Bath Nightspot to enjoy a Saturday Night Out in Bath. The Night Club caters for a wide range of Saturday Night Clubbers including Hen Parties, Stag Parties, local clubbers and a broad range of visitors and tourists looking for the best in Bath Nightlife.

If you want to know where to go in Bath on a Saturday Night then look no further than Club XL.

If you are looking for the best Nightlife in Bath and want to enjoy a great night out then ClubXL should be at the top of your list of party locations.

ClubXL on Saturday nights offers the largest dance floor, best music, four separate bars and a great busy party atmosphere for a large range of partying night clubbers.

Whether you are a student enjoying the Candy Saturdays Student party in the top bar, or are having a hen party, stag party or just a great night out in the main downstairs disco;  ClubXL delivers on  its promise of providing Bath’s premier nightclub experience.

We are always busy on Saturday nights with many party groups making the club their number one destination for a top night out. All our Bars offer great value drinks and the Saturday DJ’s play the latest and best music that gets everybody dancing and having a great time. The club is always full of Hen Nights, Stag parties and other groups of revellers all keen to enjoy the best nightlife that ClubXL has to offer.

We offer a wide range of VIP nightclub packages for pre-booked groups (see our VIP packages page) in addition to a guest list and queue jump for pre-booked party groups.


Please take some time to browse our site and feel free to contact us to make a party booking or reserve a place on our busy guest list.

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  1. George and Co says:

    Went out last Saturday and tried a few clubs in Bath. Nice bars but all a bit pokey and overcrowded. Somebody said to try ClubXL whilst others warned against it. I went there years ago and was not that impressed. Anyhow we did give it a try and I must say I was well impressed. Changed a lot over the years into what is now a huge club with a great light show and music. It had a great crowd of people that were all friendly and included numerous hen knights that always make for a fun night.

    We had a great night and will definitely be going back. As far as I can see it is the only real traditional nightclub in Bath that is designed to let your hair down, have a good dance and enjoy sensibly priced drinks.

    Sure it has sticky floors from spilt drinks etc but that is a sign of a club where people go to have a laugh rather than a stuck up expensive drink. What do you expect when you have 400 or 500 partying night clubbers.

    Also all our love to Helen and Jill.. See you in a month or so…

    George, Jim, Paul and co

  2. Jenny says:

    Great disco and I say disco as that is what it is. Really great old school night out much more fun than the rest of the snooty clubs in Bath


  3. Olds Sus says:

    Will be making Clubxl our regular venue after matches. Great Venue, Cheap drinks and lush girls.

    The lads from Old Sulians RFC

  4. admin says:

    Saturday night out in Bath just got a lot better. The girls on my Hen Night all had a great time. I have never been to the club before but now I have been I will be back again when the new hubby allows.

    Mary Anne

  5. maria van hal says:

    Our hen night was a laugh a minute thanks from all the crowd to Andy for organising a great night.

  6. Big Al says:

    Saturday Nights out in Bath don’t get much better than clubXL 🙂

  7. viv says:

    Great Night out at the best club in bath as always

  8. Francis says:

    Great dance club. Lots of thanks to club xl for giving Bath a real disco. Great fun

  9. Francis says:

    Umm some lovely Stags in the other week. Thanks for a fun time – xx to Tim

  10. Greggo says:

    Thanks for booking our Saturday Night Out in Bath VIP package at ClubXL.

    It was really easy to book our Saturday Night VIP package with you.

    Thanks Andy for all your help.

    C U Saturday for a big one…

    Gregg and co…

  11. MJ says:

    Saturday Night in Bath at ClubXL was always fun but I must say last Saturday was especially good.
    We booked a Hen Night in Bath at Club Xl and were really happy with the results. Great Service, prices, atmosphere and company.

    Thanks to all at ClubXL for another great night.

  12. geoff says:

    Great to see the recent changes at ClubXL working. Always used to go to ClubXL for a Saturday Night out in Bath but recently the club has got even better with loads of Hen Night and Stag Parties making the club even more fun.

    Well done Andy and Co…


  13. freda says:

    Thanks Andy

    for our hen night booking. All the girls enjoyed it and we thought we would just drop you a line to say thanks and recommend your club as a great destination for all Hen parties in bath

    thanks again

  14. B GREGORY says:

    Best Saturday Night Out in Bath that I have had in a long time.

    I used to go to Club xl when it used to be Cadillacs but then I got married and left the Bath Nightlife scene. Now a lot older and single I again have started trying out Bath Nightlife.

    Decided to try Club XL and was really suprised by how it had changed. Lots of Hen Night Parties and a big Student Party upstairs. Much nicer than it used to be with a really good party atmosphere.

    Had a great Night Out…

    Big B

    Can Recommend

  15. Kerr says:

    Thanks club XL

    Had a great night out in Bath thanks to you. Good laugh and decently priced drinks too.

  16. Jim says:

    Looking forward to another great Saturday Night Out in Bath tonight. Club XL was great last Saturday as always.

    Cheers ClubXL

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This website has been kept running for posterity and to allow
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